Three Factors Impacting CRE Financing in 2016

loans for the simple reason that that’s where the data is."2 In addition, most of the LGD literature has focused on general commercial lending rather than CRE. The research that is available on CRE loans relies on data from life insurers, securities or large loans that trade on secondary markets.3

Ten-X’s Tom Graziano, senior director of finance and capital markets, and commercial real estate professional Joseph Cuomo, recently shared their thoughts on what factors are driving CRE.

Committee on the Global Financial System.. High-level summary of Basel III reforms · Basel III Monitoring Report – Results of the cumulative quantitative impact.

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It works on a model where a business can be started by taking loans multiple. a USbased commercial real estate services and investment firm.. The government passed the Real Estate Regulation & Development Act (RERA) in 2016, The impact was felt more in NCR and Mumbai, but the sector has.

Columbia Banking System, Inc. (NASDAQ:COLB) Q4 2016 Earnings. a full three months of impact from that. We did see loan coupon rates increase by seven basis points associated with re-pricing that.

According to the IMF forecast for 2016 there will be more than 3.4 billion people living in countries with a GDP growing faster than 6%. A growth rate of 6% means that the total economy will triple in two decades. That is the fastest transformation out of poverty that humanity has ever experience.

Game Changers in Commercial Real Estate Financing in 2016. This week, we caught up with Dekel Capital, which has sourced over $2B in financing for commercial real estate investors and developers and, in the past year, placed $100M in JV equity for developers through its proprietary equity fund, dekel strategic investors (dsi).

The Counselors of Real Estate organization noted that close runners-up in development of The CRE Top Ten Issues Affecting Real Estate 2016-17 list included 21st Century Manufacturing & Industrial, Infrastructure, and "Unknown Unknowns" (such as terrorism and trade agreements) which are factors that could affect commercial and residential markets.

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Financing Factors. In assessing various financing aspects, respondents identified interest rates as most likely to increase (75 percent).. Lisa Pendergast, executive director of the CRE Finance.